Refreshing Mondays


Colour: Red

Chakra: Root Chakra

Nutritional foods to focus on:  Red foods, high in Vitamin C

Hello beautiful people!

Today is Monday so let’s rise up and stomp our feet. Today is the beginning of the week for us at Panacea Café so that makes today the day of Muladhara; the Root Chakra. Let’s begin our day with balance.  How can you find your balance?   How may you feel grounded?

For myself I wake up today take my daughter to school.  Sometimes I feel sluggish which comes with having 2 little ones.  How do I jump up and enjoy my day?  It’s really about changing your mentality.  Who in the world told you waking up early was a bad thing?  Who told you that you cannot survive on little sleep?  Turn those voices off and enjoy every second of the day.  Feel warm, blessed, & loved.

You don’t have financial woes, heartache, and you are not powerless.  You are beautiful strong & unbeatable.  You are grounded.  You are balanced. The Root Chakra has been opened so that you may live this Monday with absolute foundation to start your week successfully.  Monday is a new beginning for all.  Namaste, you wonderful creatures!

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