The Metamorphosis of You


November 27th

Colour: Yellow

Chakra: Solar Plexus chakra

Today’s nutrition: Yellow foods (corn, yellow peppers, lemons) , complex carbs & starch

Welcome Wednesday.  Today at Panacea Café it is the Manipura Chakra also known as the Navel Chakra.  Feeling iffy?  Ever feel so imperfect and insignificant?  The best of us have.

Today is where we reverse those feelings we collectively bagged on from past mistakes.  Imagine yourself as a mere caterpillar morphing into a butterfly.  The amazing thing about nature, music, fashion, and technology they evolve so rapidly.  So why must we feel as though we should stay in one place when the world around us is moving?

Do you not love yourself enough to grow?  Being a mother I witness firsthand the miracle of ever changing life.  It’s truly divine & mystical.  So I urge you to breathe in & out.  Today you will be confident & wise.  Believe in you!  Namaste, my loves.

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