Should you consider Chiropractic care?


My chiropractor she’s an amazing woman.  Not only have I gone to her for years but I went to her for both of my pregnancies.  Both my babies have also gone to her.  I thank her (and diet) for my short labours.

Was it a miracle drug?  Well yes I had an epidural.  Apologies to the all natural mothers but I had to get one.  My birth was so rapid I had no other choice.  But how did I have such a great labour?  I prepped for it!

  I went to the chiropractor twice a month from the 5th month to every week in my last month.  I started Red Raspberry Tea Leaf at 32 weeks.  Then the rest was history.  Due to injury I couldn’t exercise but if I could have I would have.  The benefits would have been endless!

Now with me in my first pregnancy I ate nothing but garbage went from 125 lbs to 180 lbs (NOT healthy!)  I was eating for two.  Ladies do not fall for this!  We must eat twice as healthy not twice as much.  My second pregnancy I went from 140 lbs to 160 lbs.  How?  I ate clean!  Surprising enough this helped me, my labour, & my bundle of heaven.

Now I’m back to my healthy weight & feel amazing.  I owe it all to my eating and the chiropractor.  I am truly an advocate of chiropractic care.

Please remember just like with anything health is holistic.   Chiropractors can only help so much, but boy do they ever help!chiropractor

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