What is Red Raspberry Tea Leaf?


In a previous article I touched basis on Red Raspberry Tea Leaf.  I call this a miracle tea.  Not only did I use it throughout both of my pregnancies I used it for the recovery.  Recovery for me was harder than labour.  The pain was too unbearable until I started this regimen.

It is a uterine tonic.  Strengthening your uterus to the point menstrual pains will be a thing of the past.  Now 3- 4 cups a day is essential for easing feminine pain.  Most boxes of this tea come in 20s (so frustrating) so buy the loose leaf.  It has better effect I find as well & less expensive.

Many women will say the tea tastes gross well they are just unimaginative tea haters.  You can add honey or maple syrup(for vegans) and dairy free milk!  It tastes great when you do this.  I added these things and still got the full effect.  Now enjoy life free of pain my strong women!  Start this tea today.  You’ll thank me when you feel the difference.

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