Who shall I thank for my tea?


Hello my wondrous bunch,

Ever have a cup of green tea?  As I sip my oolong magical tea I write to you. I love tea. If you aren’t a tea type than you should really jump on the wagon.  At Panacea Café we love to mix & match different teas.  Nothing is better than a mint green matcha latte on almond milk(or soy for those with nut allergies).

But who do I have to thank for this amazing party in my mouth?  Her name is Camellia Sinensis.  Honestly the girl has got it going on.  Not only is she responsible for my favourite orange pekoe tea but she is practically responsible for 100% of the teas out there. (correction from @Australianteamasters)

Let me give you a small breakdown:

Black Tea

Oolong Tea

Green Tea


White Tea

It’s a small list of the greats.  The benefits of these teas are endless but just like with anything moderation is key. So let’s have a round of applause for the greatest shrub out there ladies & gentlemen, Camellia Sinensis!

3 thoughts on “Who shall I thank for my tea?

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  1. She sure is wonderful! Although, she’s actually responsible for 100% of teas out there, as herbals aren’t technically “tea” – they’re actually called tisanes.

    They’re all absolutely wonderful, though. So many beautiful flavours!

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