Live Foods & The Heart Chakra


December 5th

Colour: Green

Chakra: Heart chakra

Today’s Nutrition: Green foods (kale, spinach, avocados) & live foods

Why eat green foods?

Green vegetables & fruits contain chlorophyll, fiber, calcium, folate, vitamin C, calcium, beta-carotene, etc. These nutrients protect us from risks of cancer. Lower our blood pressure & cholesterol levels. They help us to digest, ward off free-radicals, and boost our immunity.

Why eat live foods?

Live foods such as raw vegetables, fruit, sprouted sprouts, soaked seeds & nuts, algae, etc. are full of enzymes that can nourish your body far more than their cooked counterpart.  We want foods that are sun-foods because your body absorbs these nutrients best.

Watch Brian Clements explain why we should eat live raw foods:

Don’t forget to watch Carol Tuttle explain opening the Heart Chakra:

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