You Can Treat ADHD Naturally


People will constantly say “back in my day” excuses for a problem that is too real.  I will not be the first to note that nutrition is such a vital role for kids.  Also I know I can’t be the first mother to say my kids don’t eat everything I want them to.

Today more than ever huge industries that control our food have tampered with the chemical balance in our foods which in return to say the least messes us up.  Our babies are drinking formula with genetically modified ingredients, our kids are the marketing target of cow’s milk, and high fructose corn syrup is in everything.

When food is bought for kids chances are it’s the mother buying the food & if we do let our kids choose they will pick the worst thing for them 10 out of 10 times. Let’s look at the facts. Children are naturally hyper-active compared to us adults. They have lots of energy. So when we give them things like juice, candy, & lots of carbohydrates we are stimulating their energy.

Not being able to focus is frustrating for anyone so what should we do? Chiropractic care, nutrition, & orthomolecular medicine have gone truly unnoticed for this issue. I take my toddler for adjustments every 3-6 months it actually calms her. Sometimes our children can’t sit still because of chronic pain or their spine can be misaligned.  A misalignment can trigger our brain to have many issues.  Also lots of children don’t get the correct amount of exercise. Children need a day full of exercise.

If we were to focus on whole plant-based foods for our children and stop feeding them processed foods like white bread, candy cereals, refined sugar & refined salt they would show automatic results. Most of our children are malnourished; people think that if your child’s ribs aren’t showing they are being fed right. Many disorders and diseases are cause and effect of nutrient deficiency from not eating right & not taking the proper supplements.

Nutrition is truly the most natural way to go to cure this ailment.  Never forget our children’s bodies aren’t saying “I need a Ritalin” they are saying I either need rest, proper nutrition, more water, exercise, and sometimes good old chiropractic care.

Watch these videos for further insight:

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