Essentially Essential Fatty Acids

I have to admit I’m a past victim of the misconception of fish oil being the best source of EFAs. I would take pills for my skin & a shot of it a day while I was pregnant for my little one’s brain development.

Then as I started to source out animal protein I said wait a minute…what about my source of fat???  I had a serious nutrient deficiency my first pregnancy.  How you might ask, I got stretch marks from head to toe.  Which was an obvious sign.  No matter how much cocoa butter I used I still had terrible tears in my skin from itching everywhere.  Most say, “Oh, stretch marks are genetic if people in your family have it you’ll get it!”

My second pregnancy I was very on point with my supplements though.  Then it was clear to me; I had absolutely no stretch marks and my old ones faded greatly.  How?  I focused on EFA supplements.

I started with fish oil capsules that were a bother to swallow because they were practically the size of horse pills.  So I started with some research.  I found out EFAs regulate the elasticity of our skin. We get stretch marks when our skin stretches. When the skin stretches it gets an itch and when we itch we tear our skin.  Learning this I then used plant-based sources and a combination of pure Shea Butter and I tell you I’m glad I did.

But why is fish oil not good?  Many naturopaths even suggest it.  So how dare I say it’s not the best source of EFAs.  Well I always say this;  if you can get your nutrients from a plant rather than an animal go for it(which is coming from an omnivore).  What is better than animal-based essential fatty acids?  Well here is a very small list of the greats:

  • Flax (ground preferably)
  • Chia Seeds
  • Avocados
  • Sacha Inchi Seeds
  • Hemp Seeds
  • Spirulina (powder)

If you haven’t been adding a scoop of chia seeds to your smoothies you are missing out!!! I’m telling you it’s so good!  I love a good chia green pudding.  Remember though the nuts & seeds I suggested must be soaked first to bring them to life. These are important nutrients to our overall health.

For more information check out:

Vegan Society

Also watch this great video of Brian Clement(the co-director of Hippocrates Health Institute) talking about his book ‘Killer Fish’ as he explains why our environment & many other things infect the fish we eat . 

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