The Power Series: I Am


Words That Manifest

‘I am’ say it with me…’I am’.  The most powerful words to describe oneself.  These words have the power to time travel.  Yes, indeed they do.  How?  They can collect from your past, come to your present just to determine your future.

Yes our negativity and positivity manifests but how?  When we wish it upon ourselves.  In this series I have collected lessons that coincide with the chakras.  First is the Muladhara(Root Chakra).

Mula means root, adhara means support.  So this is our foundation and our foundation starts off with these important words ‘I Am’.  Two incandescent words that should be used carefully.

So let’s use this mantra to start us off:

I am blessed

I am healthy

I am strong

I am smart

I am beautiful

I am wonderfully made


Also watch this wonderful sermon by Joel Osteen, it doesn’t matter your religion or beliefs coexistence is for everyone that loves God.

Watch Vicki Howie explain the Root Chakra:

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