The Power Series: I Feel


‘I Feel’…  This is where most fall short.  It’s nothing to feel guilty about it’s something to embrace.  Embrace feeling our raw emotion.  Let’s do a test.  From the inside feel your heart beat, feel your toes, and now your thoughts.  Can’t?

Most people can’t feel themselves without their hands unless that body part is in pain.  Many can’t feel their thoughts racing around in their mind.  Well the blessing of mindfulness is that you can practice this.  Distress in our body can be felt through feelings but meditation can prevent this.  We have to get all of our emotions out to be able to just breathe.

The Sacral Chakra in sanskrit is called Svadhisthana (Swadhisthana).  Sva means “that which is its self; which belongs to itself” and Dhisthana “its actual place.”  This is a significant meaning because it describes that our physical manifestation associates with our emotional well-being.  Just like ‘I am’ when you say that you feel a certain way it manifests leading to you actually feeling that way.

Today’s mantra is just like the ‘I am’ mantra so you will see the pattern go on while we go deeper into this series:

I feel blessed

I feel healthy

I feel strong

I feel smart

I feel beautiful

I feel wonderfully made


Read more about the Sacral Chakra:

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Watch this great video of Tony Robbins’ Emotional Flood Exercise:

Watch Vicki Howie on the Sacral Chakra:

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