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For those of you that don’t know what veganism is it’s truly a lifestyle to admire.  Wikipedia describes it as the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products.  I respect anyone with such will power.  I myself don’t put a label on my personal nutrition because as with sexuality and spirituality I remain neutral.  When it does come to cleaning products and beauty products I don’t use animal products but that’s because I prefer only a select few of products that happen to only be plant-based.

Now as a studying nutritionist I find so much confusion as to who is right and wrong and it sort of makes me throw my hands up.  I personally find the bickering of life choices as asinine as the wars over religion.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts I am a fan of coexistence.  The arguments for veganism is it’s better for the planet, animals, and our health.  This is true, it is better for our carbon footprint, the lives of animals, and our overall well-being.  This will be a debate for many years to come but those points are valid.

My respect is due to Rip Esselstyn an advocate for the whole plant-based food diet.  In his documentary Engine 2 Kitchen he points out the vegan diet isn’t always clean.  Many vegans in the search for meat replacements or flavour end up eating saturated fats & other unhealthy oils.  So the vegan diet for some isn’t necessarily healthy anyhow.

Something I constantly hear and read from the peanut gallery was, “Well if we can’t eat animals because they are capable of intelligence then we shouldn’t eat plants either.”  Now this is undeniably a sound fact as silly as it sounds.  Proven by many of the greats David Suzuki, Michael Pollan, and the list goes on.  Whenever I get flowers I do five things make sure they have soil, plant food, water, sunlight, & sing to them. So they can live. So if the argument is we shouldn’t eat animals because they are living and have conscience aren’t we at a halt?

Sounds to me to make less harm in this world we should all be breathatarians or should we?

Your Intuition

Your diet is based on your personal conscience.  Not once has God beamed down and declared a hierarchy of those with higher intellect should eat everyone below them in the food chain; if God did we wouldn’t be at the top.  All I can suggest is incorporate as much vegetables, fruits, & legumes as you possibly can!!!  Eat as clean as possible!

These guilt trips vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores are putting on each other are so dangerous.  How you might ask?  The children are watching.  This is how eating disorders in children begin; people judging.  So rather pressuring your lifestyle on others in a way to either convert or make yourself seem like a better person remember we are all on separate beautiful journeys in this thing called life.

Clean Eating

Clean eating does not limit you to plant-based only & you don’t have to be a bodybuilder to do such.  Clean eating doesn’t have to be boring as long as you rid yourself of GMOs(Genetically Modified Organisms), processed foods, saturated fats, processed sugars, and cut back on animal protein & fats; you still can’t miss out.  The North American Diet is what we want to avoid.  Around the world Hindus, Rastafarians, Muslims, Buddhists etc. are vegetarian.  So if you look up their recipes(which I will be posting in the future) you can add them to your life.

Something so important to remember is everything takes time whether you’re inspired by a celebrity, documentary, or a blog.  Always hold back from labeling and putting that mental pressure on yourself before you claim to be something that you might not be ready to claim. How you eat should never be a part-time diet or fad it is your lifestyle.  This lifestyle change though should be gradual.  Take your time and learn what your mind, body, & spirit want & need.

Watch these videos to guide you on your journey you will find videos pro-vegan but these are videos that will help you not label yourself:

The Weekday Vegetarian:

Michael Pollan describing the intellect and consciousness of plants:

Jason Wrobel explaining why he isn’t 100% Raw Vegan:

Learn Why Alexandra Jamieson is an ex-vegan:

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