The Power Series: I Love


Love is in the Air

Finding what you truly love is not an easy task.  Let’s think, can you say you’re fulfilling your passion?  If you are then you are indeed blessed.  For those of us that aren’t let’s take a look at how to gain some self-love.  Anahata is the Sanskrit word for “unbeater” representing the Heart Chakra.  Its element is air hence love is in the air.

We blindly follow paths that weren’t meant for us.   It’s about time we retreat from our pasts.  Most of us feel our hearts were hurt and we can’t be more because we are accustomed to being treated like we’re less. 

Let’s do this mantra:

I love me

I love who I am

I love that I’m smart, I love my imagination

I love that I’m strong, I love my health

I love my family & friends

I love God and God loves me


To learn more about the heart chakra see

Live Foods & The Heart Chakra

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Watch Iyana Vazant talk about Self Love:

Vicki Howie on The Heart Chakra:

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