10 Things Only Breastfeeding Moms Understand


Breastfeeding Mom Love

It’s the beginning of 2014 and as a mother I was very busy over the holidays as many of us are.  I decided to write an out of the ordinary post as my first of the year and give something back to us breastfeeding mothers out there.  We need a good chuckle.

If you have something you’d like to add be my guest 🙂

Top Ten

1. Bras are the enemy

They don’t fit because we fluctuate in size.  If you’re like me that gave up on breast pads they get milky and stank fast.  They tear in the middle of the cups from stretching.  Also baby agrees they get in the way.

2. Engorgement seems like punishment

Engorged breast are no joke. I never leave my baby so when the rare occasion of Grandma coming by to visit happens and I get to go out my milk builds up fast.  When I get engorged I feel like I’m being punished for being away from my little baby.

3. Breast Pads are useless most of the time

Picture putting croutons in soup. Soggy, very soggy. Now would you put those soggy croutons in your shirt? Hopefully not. This would make your shirt wet. Don’t get me wrong breast pads are useful the first few weeks baby is born but after that they become a nuisance and expensive.

4. Even if you don’t plan on co-sleeping you will

Babies will get you when you are completely tired than WHAM! You knock out while nursing and guess who is staying the night.

5. Most shirts are not functional

I have torn many wonderful tops just to get my baby her milk as fast as possible. Being frugal I won’t spend a fortune on tops designed for breastfeeding but those times do come when I consider it.

6. You’ve mastered a boob flexibility that would scare the average human

This one I don’t even want to explain.

7. Public washrooms can be a challenge

Can you believe this day in age many malls, stores, airports & restaurants do not have a chair in their women washrooms?  I’ve found myself standing or sitting on a counter.  It’s not easy.

8. You are hungrier than a pregnant woman

We eat everything we can with great reason our little people take most of our nutrition.

9. These bad boys shoot

Have you ever seen milk shoot? It’s like a human hose

10. It’s the greatest bond you will ever have

Breastfeeding is the greatest choice I’ve ever made. The bond of a mother and a breastfed child is incomparable.

5 thoughts on “10 Things Only Breastfeeding Moms Understand

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  1. Nursing in public is necessary sometimes but challenging because you have to try to cover and get your boob in your babie’s mouth, plus strangers are staring at the baby because they are so cute!

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