Why Should We Take a Break From Wifi?


My father in-law is an incredibly educated man, funny as ever, but a smart funny.  A few Christmas’ ago my husband said to him “Hey Pops why don’t you have Wifi?”

Unexpectedly to all of us he replies “I got rid of it because it makes me sneeze.”

I said to myself what a concept!  He has to be joking but knowing he’s a genius I googled it as soon as I got home. Finding actual case studies on the fact.

Now my father another intelligent man brought to my attention the video above the other day.  After watching it I said aren’t we all at a catch 22?  Here is something so convenient but so detrimental to our health.

What can we do?

Take a break.  I myself know internet is an addiction but the best thing for us to do is get outside into nature & take a few moments to show gratitude to our world.  If you’re like me in the winter cold nothing is wrong with going to an Infra-red Sauna and getting your detox on.

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