Learn About Wei Wu Wei


Watch this great video about Wei-Wu-Wei:

Wei-Wu-Wei means “Doing, not doing.”  The divine significance this has for me relates to the article The Power Series: I See where Caroline Myss says to Oprah we have to finish to completion then let God do the rest.  In a way it says to me “Let go and let God”…meaning the fruit of your seeds will come at the right time, just give it time.  In progress of achieving any goal we have the beginning that is a mystery, the spark that is magical, then we master it.  Once we have learned something we have to let go.  Stop doing.  Then watch it flourish.

Interesting enough musical artist Lauryn Hill had a similar philosophy listen here near the end where she states we need to elevate from “learning to mastership, study to mastership” then let go and let God live through you:

If this concept interests you I suggest reading Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu if you haven’t already.  Other great reads about The Tao (meaning The Way) are Tao of Pooh & Te of Piglet by Benjamin Hoff.

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