Strengthen Your Spiritual Metabolism


Sometimes we feel like something is missing and we fill that void with vices.  Take this time for meditation.  Too often do we not set time aside to use our Third Eye and look at ourselves in Third Person.

Society keeps us busy from our peace. Constantly we are being fed ideas. Our senses are being overindulged. Smell, taste, hear, see, touch are the commonly known senses. In actuality we have 12 senses.


The most forgotten sense is thought.  Yes, thought.

A wonderful illustration of how much we over use this sense is telling a fish that they are in water.  We are so immersed in our own thoughts & being fed ideas on the constant that we identify ourselves as our thoughts.  Filling our minds with pure potentiality can truly strengthen our spirituality.

I am one for bible studies & spiritual discussions but nothing is better for oneself than peaceful meditation.

P.s. always remember your purpose of enlightenment is to draw close to God don’t fall into the trap of self-absorption.



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