The Talk Your Kids Will Never Forget…


The Talk


No, it’s not about the birds & the bees.  Get your head out the gutter folks!  It’s the talk about their time here on this earth.

What we tend to forget is maybe our kids are entitled to choices having to do with their mind, body, & spirit.  Yes helping them be into school & sports, or dance class is great but we are forgetting them as a whole person.  A whole person that deserves choices.

They could not want to eat junk food after knowing the ingredients.  Maybe they don’t want to eat meat after knowing where it comes from.  Maybe they don’t want to consume GMOs.  Perhaps, they would love to watch flowers grow, grow their own veggies & herbs.

We protest to know the ingredients in our foods all the while some of us are so busy being advocates we forget that we have to mention to our kids what we are advocating & why.  Don’t wait for your kids to ask why.

Also, we often like to shove our religious views on them.  Without nurturing their natural spiritual connection.  Bible studies are great but focusing on the beauty of creation, love, loyalty & the many attributes of God is a gift children will cherish forever.  Get them appreciating nature instead of technology.  It’s not putting your kids in a bubble it’s amplifying the positive energy in the world.

It’s a dark & gloomy world but our children are the future and if we teach them positivity the future will be bright.  A few things to teach your kids early on:

  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Appreciation & gratitude
  • Respect for everything

We need to stress to them failure is just a stepping stone to success.  Teach them how to cook & clean for themselves as early as you can.  They will not only be self-sufficient but appreciative of your hard-work.  Give them the responsibility of life whether it be a flower or pet so they can see the beauty of life. Most importantly let’s show them their choices matter and that making a stand can make a difference.

Build Strong Children

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