The Top 10 Songs That I Play For My Children


As a mother of 2 daughters I want to embody in them a strong feminine self confidence that music can aid with.  Check out the songs I play for my girls.  What do you play for your kids and why?


I want them to see our world as it is…infinite possibilities.


Beauty is more than appearance but a beautiful soul adapts kindness & innocence while unknowingly blessing the world.


This is self explanatory.  I constantly play this for them this day in age girls think nudity is a requirement to get attention when it’s simply not the case.


I have been on hair journeys thinking it defines me. I’ve also seen girls spend their last dime on their hair.  I hope my girls see there is more to life than appearance.


Now you may say “Oh my this song has so many bad words!”  This song speaks volumes for a black woman learning self respect and standing her ground.  I’d never swear to my children but I hope they’d never tolerate anyone mistreating them.  That’s the message and hey it’s better than hearing Miley Cyrus twerking songs on the radio.


I never want to see those tears! Bob Marley is a constant in my house. I believe his songs spread peace.


“You can have what you want, be what you want.”  My husband calls it shutting down the brain when you stop believing in possibilities. As long as my daughters know the world has no limits and they can achieve anything I know they’ll do their best.


“Shine your light on the world, shine your light for the world to see.” I want them to know they are light and they need to bring that to the world.


My oldest whenever she cried during bedtime I would sing this it’s become our official song.


This song is a constant.  Growing up I never understood it but my daughters will.  Call it bold and radical to teach your daughters that “Some guys are only about that thing” but my parenting is straight forward I find the best-friend wool over their eyes parenting to be more dangerous.

Well I hope you found songs to even inspire you.

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