Land Over Landings


Cruising in the country side you see beauty and peace. You can see the stars at night. Smell & breathe without fumes interfering.

Recently I felt a need to dedicate myself to more causes; as I have always felt cynicism towards movements & charities due to witnessing misleading conduct. Having been involved with charity work recently it helped me realize some causes can be genuine.

Inadvertently I had found a flyer in the downtown village near by in a ‘holistic shop’.  Knowing the city over very well I never knew the ongoing battle.  I felt ashamed.

I knew Pickering, Ontario had a ghost-town in Altona area but never it’s story.  So I did my research.  Finding out that much farm land is vacated in the Government’s hopes to add yet another airport.  Which is saddening because really why must big corporations have all of the land? Also what about these families that will lose their homes & businesses to make this happen or the families that already have.

We need land & fresh soil in order to have a substantial amount of fresh organic food. With a growing population this is a dire need or there could very well be a famine in our near future. Brief or long this should scare your pants off!

Recently, moving from city living to the suburbs has had many benefits for my family & I.  One major one was the fresh air.  Also now we have access to getting groceries not only from the Farmer’s Market but directly the farms.

When you drive through the back roads of the country side you see many protest signs and some have been there for so many years they have aged.

Very similar to the ‘NO JETS T.O.’ movement I think the wellbeing of our future is hanging on the ropes.

If this is up your alley check out and please support!

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