The Pink Gang


Between Eat, Pray, & Love with Julia Roberts or Deepak Chopra being interviewed by Oprah. India looks like a beautiful place that I wish to visit one day.

Recently I was discussing with some friends from India the misogyny that dooms over the country and I always found myself saying “Well doesn’t it doom the world in it’s entirety? ”  I’m not one for stereotyping a country for a worldwide crime.  Of course though I tend to remain neutral so I can always learn more.

I’ve had many phases and being obsessed with Bollywood was one for sure. Once my close friend showed me ‘Ishq Kamina’. I couldn’t see pass the exciting imagery.  The colourful & pretty side was embedded in my mind. Then after some deep research you could say it left a bad taste in my mouth; it was almost like finding out the ingredients to your favourite candy could kill you.  I still love the culture but the magical bliss was gone.

Watching an episode of Vice added a new perception. They talked about the Gulabi Gang.

These women mean business. I’ve heard of them before but personally thought it had to be a joke. Who would risk their lives for justice, anyway? Besides when I heard of them I heard they only go after abusive husbands.

 In depth they go after the men that rape children & women.  Along with more heinous crimes. What makes it sad is the need for them.  Rapists in the villages they go to are not strangers to their victims; they are local men.  The law enforcement does little to nothing leaving these people to their own resources.

You could say my faith in humanity was restored for a brief moment until I realized how horrible must the law enforcement be that women have to band together to protect each-other from men.

Many debate whether these women are really necessary.
Take a look at this video if you don’t see the need for these ladies!

What do you think about these women?
If you want to support their cause check out  Do we need them elsewhere?

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