Is Anger the Answer?


In the boxing ring with Ali or Mayweather they talk smack & beat you,  tire you out, they have you distracted by anger and that’s how they have the upper hand.  Round after round your madness weakens you to the point your foundation is destroyed.  Easily you are knocked to the ground.

For generations the government,  justice system, & the corporate world have targeted people of colour & people of little means.  Then drive them crazy with the constant flow of tainted information in the media just to add confusion.  Then crucify the innocent out in the open to give us the Jesus factor & enrage us.   Then praise the murderer to add salt to the wound.

They want you to be angry black men & women.   Similar to the Bulls in Spain that are constantly abused finally see the Matador. This may not be their abuser but they associate their pain with him and can’t think straight with the red cape of distraction.   Can’t you see?  Awareness is impossible when all you see is red.  We all operate on frequencies.  Its known the lowest frequencies are pronounced during war & in natural disaster.  Anger and fear live on the same frequency.   They want us to live on a low frequency so we can’t operate through our higher-selves.  They can’t control us if we united in consciousness.  If you enter the ring angry you’ve already lost the fight.

Instead of fighting with our hands let’s fight with our minds.  Buy from your own & stop supporting their businesses. Change your focus from being the victim to the survivor.   Focus your energies to your local people of colour & low means. Be the change you wish to see as the Dalai Lama says.

Get involved in your community today!

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