My Addiction or My Power?


Tsundoku perfectly describes what would be perceived as my fix.  You don’t find me itching in the line up at Chapters or Barnes & Noble.  Though I am a frequent visitor.  Books & Green Matcha I would proudly say were my addictions.


But are those addictions?

I was inspired to delve into my Third Eye to see myself from the bigger picture.  I thought could my persistent taste for knowledge be leading to an addiction?  Is my lack of sleep causing a Green Tea one? The universe presented to me Paul Williams & Tracey Jackson on Super Soul Sunday for their book;  about addiction, how we all have some, & how we all need to recover.

Could it be a shopping addiction I thought.  My husband would tell you yes but I am a budgeting bandit to be frank.  Then I realized something.

Addictions are thought of as negative desires then what becomes of the excessive things we do that are good for our souls?

I realized then that these are our Powers.

These are the ways we tap into our higher-self.   Whether doing yoga, singing, dancing, meditating, and much more.  They add the spice to our life & strengthen us with each time we do it.  They give us more insight & happiness.

If you find yourself battling with addiction of any sort may it be drugs, food, bad love, or technology.  You must seek your Power.

Outweigh the bad with the good.  Find your muse there may be talents you never imagined having.  Paint a picture or read a good book.  Indulge in the possibility that you can do amazing things!

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