Yoni Innuendos: The Divine Yin

Welcome to The Yoni Innuendos.
Inspiration to celebrate the divinity of the Goddess in all women.


Set the butterflies free.

As women we deny the ability to be fearless.
Let us sing to the moon.
Let us dance to rise the sun.

Know your femininity is divinity.


Sapiosexual play the mind in strokes.
Enlighten the mind in tokes.

Play her like a symphony unlocking the harmony.


She’s a starseed
Her Third Eye Indigo
Her aura is Radiant Rainbow.

She is every woman with no planetary distinction.


Her essence is esoteric.
Her spine is aligned
Her chakras are aligned
Her stars are all in line.


Open your Heart.
Open your Mind.

Then surrender.

-Nita King

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