The Power Series: Law of Polarity


I had 2 babies crying, pots steaming with food, a singing canary, and the Arthur theme song blasting feeling sorry for myself.

But wait. When I realized I’m rooting this frustration deep into the pit of me I had an epiphany why not enjoy the moment?

This trajectory is universal.

Living in Canadian winters where people are miserable because it’s cold. The extreme sudden change in weather comfort translated in their minds discomfort rather than new sensation. In return of seeking enjoyment in the current situation they shake & say “I don’t like cold.” Kind of like a baby that either cries or laughs at any new sensation.

I found myself one winter saying “Why not like the cold? Okay I like the cold.” My paradigm shifted and I was no longer miserable in the cold. I wasn’t bothered because I changed my mind.

The polarity of the situation flipped.

That is the beauty of this law. When you realize mind is over matter.

Understanding that even if our circumstances can not change but the way we think about them can.

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